Understanding Data and File Storage Limits in Remedyforce

Version 3

    The purchase of RF includes:

    • 1 GB + 20 MB per license for data
    • 11 GB + 2 GB per license for files (attachments)

    Example: For a 10 user purchase (10 HelpDesk Analysts/Staff - Self Service users are not included in this calculation), the space allocate is as follows:

    • Data: 1 GB + 10 * 20 MB = 1.2 GB
    • Files: 11 GB + 10 * 2 GB = 31 GB

    The limit is for total data size for the entire org.  Storage is not calculated on a per user basis.  Storage across all users is added up and compared against the total capacity available.

    SFDC counts data (records)* and files (attachments) against the ORGs allotted storage capacity.  See screen shot below:

    *Each record uses in a db object uses 2k of data regardless of the number of fields.  For example: Every record (Incident logged) in the Remedyforce Incident object uses 2k regardless of how many fields are populated or how much data is entered in each field by the user when the Incident is logged.