How to move Track-It! to another server

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    This document is a bit outdated and has been replaced by this document:

    How to Move or Copy Track-It!; the newer, simpler method



    Moving Track-It! from one server to another is one of the most common questions asked in Support. Below, the process is explained at a high level and a link is provided to the article that is used as a starting point for this procedure.


    Moving Track-It! and its Database from One Server to Another


    For detailed instructions on the move process, please refer to the following knowledgebase article:


    High Level Summary


    1. Install the same version of Track-It! and any additional components on the new server.

    2. Download a batch file that will be used to backup the original and restore on the new.

    3. Run the batch file on the original server to create a backup set of the existing installation.

    4. Copy the backup set to the new server and then run the batch to restore it.

    5. Uninstall the existing installations of Track-It! Technician Client and re-install from the new server's Installers share (not necessary if ONLY the database is moved).

    6. If Track-It! Web is installed on a separate server, uninstall Track-It! Web and then re-install it, pointing to the new application server during installation (not necessary if ONLY the database is moved).

    7. Uninstall Track-It! from the original server(s) once everything on the new server(s) is confirmed to be working.


    Install the same version and other components on the new server

    It is important that the same version of Track-It!, along with any additional components such as Track-It! Web and Web Survey are installed on the new server. During the Track-It! Server installation you will allow it to create a new blank database, which can be deleted after the move is complete.


    Download a batch file to complete the backup and restore process

    Step 2 in the article provided above gives a download link to a zip file containing the needed batch file. This batch file will be used on the original Track-It! server to create a backup set, and will also be used on the new server to restore the backup set (if moving the Track-It! applications).


    Run the batch file on the existing server

    Run the batch file on the existing Track-It! server and follow the prompts to create a backup set. The following backups are available:


    • (F)ull - Backup the Track-It! server configuration and database.
    • (D)atabase - Only backup the Track-It! database.
    • (C)omponents - Only backup the Track-It! server configuration.


    Please note that the backup process does not alter the existing installation of Track-It!, however, it does stop the Track-It! services while the backup is running so existing technicians should be out of the system.


    Copy the backup set to the new server and run the Restore batch

    A backup set consists of one or more folders named Components and/or Database, in addition to a file. The entire backup set is contained in a folder named like Track-It! Backup yyyymmddhhmmss.


    The entire backup set folder is copied to the new server, and the same batch file is run to restore it.


    Uninstall existing Technician Client installations

    After Track-It! is successfully moved to a new server, the existing installations of Technician Client should be uninstalled and then reinstalled from the new server's share (i.e. \\Server01\TrackIt\Installers\TechnicianClient\en\setup.exe).


    Uninstall and reinstall Track-It! Web

    If the Track-It! application server was moved and Track-It! Web was installed on a separate web server, the current installation of Track-It! Web should be uninstalled and then re-installed and pointed to the new server share (i.e. \\Server01\TrackIt). Alternatively, Track-It! Web can be installed on the new Track-It! server, or on a dedicated web server.


    Uninstall Track-It! from the original server

    Once you've verified that you can run Track-It! from the new server and you are ready to begin using the new installation exclusively, it's time to decommission the old server and uninstall Track-It!. If you weren't sure whether all of your technicians were configured to use the new server, you will find out soon enough.


    That's moving Track-It! 101!


    I hope that you find this overview and associated knowledgebase articles useful.