E-mail replies cause new work orders to be created even though "RE:" rules are in place

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    Often in Support we hear customers ask why new work orders are being created from e-mail replies when "RE:" E-mail Monitor rules are in place. This can occur for a couple different reasons. First and foremost, it must be understood that E-mail Monitor rules will ALWAYS be bypassed if one of the following is included in the e-mail evaluated by E-mail Monitor:


    [[WO#xxxx]] - If the subject of the e-mail contains this code anywhere, the E-mail Monitor rules will be bypassed because the system tries to find the matching work order number to append the information to.


    ***** Reply to this email to append information to [[WO#xxxx]] *****  - If the body of the e-mails contains this code, once again E-mail Monitor rules will be bypassed so that the system can add the text above this line to the existing matching work order.


    If the system finds that the matching work order is already in a Completed state, by default a new work order is created rather than re-opening the existing work order. This can be changed however. To reconfigure the system so that it re-opens the existing closed work order rather than creating a new one, change the ReopenClosedWOsONApend=0 value in the timonitor.ini file (in the root of the Track-It! Server folder) to a 1.


    For additional information, please see this knowledgebase article