MarimbaEclipsePlugin 1.0

Version 1
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    How to install MEP?


    Get a copy of the channel from to your local Transmitter.



    Install the Channel into Box where we have Eclipse installed. The contents will be installed in location "C:\MEP_Installer"


    • 1. Start Eclipse.
    • 2. Click Help > Install New Software… . The Install dialog appears.
    • 3. Click Add. The Add Repository dialog appears where you specify the location of the plugin.
    • 4. If the MEP files are located in the computer where Eclipse is installed, click Local... . The Browse for Folder dialog appears.
    • 5. Select the folder which contains the MEP files and click OK. The Browse for Folder dialog closes and you can see the Marimba Plugin in the Install dialog.
    • 6. In the Install dialog, click Select All or select the required plugin and click Next. The Install dialog displays the details of the plugin which you can review.
    • 7. In the Details page, ensure that you select the Contact all update sites during install to to find required software option.
    • 8. Click Next. The Install dialog displays the Review License information where you can accept the license.
    • 9. Select I accept the terms of the license agreement, and click Finish.
    • 10. If Eclipse displays a Security Warning dialog related to unsigned content, Click OK. Eclipse installs the MEP and prompts you to restart Eclipse.
    • 11. Restart Eclipse to complete plugin installation.


    You can now immediately start creating projects/channels.

    Detailed documentation is located in "Eclipse\workspace\MarimbaEclipsePlugin\html" after the plugin is installed.