AR System .NET and COM API (1.2.1671.38681)

Version 4
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    AR System .NET and COM API (1.2.1671.38681)

    We've recently received requests from few users requesting the 1.2.x version of the .NET API stemming from their dependency on some software they (or, their partner/vendor) created a while ago and their inability to forward-port this software for latest available version at this time. To facilitate them, as a short term solution, we're posting these binaries again.


    At this time, .NET API still remains an unsupported API as far as official support is concerned; however if you're using the latest available version of this API - 7.5.x - you can expect better informal support from us as well as rest of the users of this API. Also this version is being enhanced with more features & bug fixes as needed. In comparison to this, its legacy predessor, 1.2.x,  was end-of-lifed a long time ago. So, unless you've specific dependency on this legacy end-of-lifed version (1.2.x) of this API, you should not use1.2.x version any more. Instead, we strongly encourage you to use the currently available latest version, AR System .NET and COM API 7.5.x, also available on BMCDN. (See the link under More by appajee on the right.)

    Generally speaking, the 7.5 version .NET API can be used to interact with older/same/newer version AR Servers without any issues unless the usage in question involves features introduced in newer versions. So even to work with 5.1.2, 6.x, etc. AR System Servers, you can successfully use 7.5.x version .NET API.




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