Remote Deployment Quick troubleshooting cheat sheet

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    Remote Deployment Quick troubleshooting cheat sheet


    The document outlines most of the steps that you should take in case remote deployment if failing::


    1. Verify if the username/password is correct and has admin privileges on the target machines.
    2. If you are using a domain user please verify if the user has local admin privileges on the target machine
    3. Verify if the ADMIN$ (admin share) is enabled on the remote machine.
    4. Verify if the Anti Virus software is not running on the remote machine, MacAfee (or any other Anti Virus software’s) may prevent the MRBAPSEXECSVC.EXE from being transferred & executing the on the remote machine.
    5. Check if Windows Firewall is running, if so disable the windows firewall
    6. Check if the environment variable is set  for the user on the remote machine

         i) Right-Click on "My computer" and choose "Properties"

         ii) Select the "Advanced" tab and choose the "Environment variables"

      7.  Try using another remote deployment tool “psexec” from SysInternals available on the web. Install it on the CMS machine and from the command line try executing the tuner installer on the remote machine.

    Eg: C:\>psexec.exe \\ <XP machinename> -u <admin username> -p <admin password> -c -f -i  <location of tuner installer.exe>


      8. If the above are failing please run the deployment in debug mode. To do this add the following in the prefs.txt on the CMS machine, restart the tuner and rerun the deployment:


    After running the above test please send over the following logs to support:

    > Tuner history and stdout.log

    > Infrastructure administration channel history logs

    > CMS channel history logs

      9. Additionally as a test you might want to try changing the CMS tuner from a service to an application and retry the deployment.


    Steps to change Tuner from a service to application:

    1. Stop the tuner
    2. Open CMD change directory to tuners install dir (where tuner.exe and runchannel.exe are)
    3. type tuner –service uninstall
    4. type tuner -display
    5. Retry the deployment



    1. This will remove the tuner from the SCM service control manager and the tuner will run not as a system service, but as an application.
    2. You won’t be able to start or stop from services.msc and the tuner will stop when you log off from the machine.
    3. Please ensure that you set the back to a server after the test is complete, by stopping the tuner and running the command:

           `tuner -service install`.