Migrating or Moving CMS from one server to another

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    The document outlines the steps required to move / migrate the CMS channel from one server to another or the same server (in case of deleting and re-subscribing)..



    In order to relocate CMS console running on a Server to a different one, following guidelines would be helpful,

    1. Ensure that data folder of existing CMS console is backed up.

    2. Subscribe CMS channel to the Tuner running in a different Server, where you desired to run CMS console.

    3. From the backup of existing CMS's data folder, copy msf.txt,roles.txt,userdb.txt,websvc-registry.xml files and replace the ones found in new CMS channel's data directory.

    4. Edit the following properties to point to the new CMS channel's directory:






    The properties would be available in the msf.txt file. If not the CMS logs would be redirected to the old server's CMS directory.




    server.logs.access.directory=C:\\program files\\BMC Software\\BBCA\\Tuner\\.marimba\\Endpoint\\ch.24\\data\\logs

    server.logs.directory=C:\\program files\\BMC Software\\BBCA\\Tuner\\.marimba\\Endpoint\\ch.24\\data\\logs

    servletcontainer.servletJarPath=C:\\program files\\BMC Software\\BBCA\\Tuner\\.marimba\\Endpoint\\ch.24\\data\\servlet.jar;C:\\program files\\BMC Software\\BBCA\\Tuner\\.marimba\\Endpoint\\ch.24\\data\\cms-interfaces.jar



    5. Subscribe the Application channels you wish to run. Ex, Report Center,Infrastructure Administration,Schema Manager,Patch Manager,Policy Manager.

    6. Start the new CMS console and logon.

    7. Verify the Datasource settings and try to run a Query from Report Center to verify the configuration.


    Note :

    1. Any installer created from Setup and Deployment Wizard will not be available in the new CMS console. This is because Installers are saved in Infrastructure Administration channel directory. You may create the Installers using profiles that were created in the past.

    To recreate the Installers: From Applications-> Setup and Deployment, goto Profiles. If prompted, browse through local Transmitter and choose the Infrastructure Service in which profiles are available. Create an Installer for each profile as you need.


    In case you want to be able to use the old installers created on the old CMS, please follow the below steps:


    The installer files from the Infrastructure Admin's "...\ch.xx\data\persist\installermanager\installers\<os>" directory could be moved from one CMS tuner to another. You would stop the Infrastructure Admin channel, copy over the installers files to the corresponding installer folder, and then restart the Infrastructure Administrator channel.