Adding Custom Field in Notification Engine

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    How to add Custom fields in the Notification Engine SYS:Notification Message



    The below document talks about the steps to add the Custom field in the Notification Message and Notification


    Notification Message Email Subject Line/Notification Message Body


    1. 1.Open SYS:Form Field Selection form in dev studio, select Selection Code field and change the field access to read/write and save the form
    2. 2. Open SYS:Form Field Selection in User tool or MT.
    3. 3. Create an entry into the SYS:Form Field Selection form(with selection type as Notification Message Selection) for custom field which you want to list down into menu of Notification Message and Notification Message Email Subject Line in SYS:Notification message form
    4. 4. Add your custom field into the SYS:Notification Message form in Notification Message Email Subject/Body.
    5. 5. Open NTE:SYS-NT Process Control form in Dev studio.
    6. 6. Create you custom field in NTE:SYS-NT Process Control form with the same field type and same field ID.
    7. 7. Need to add the push filed action for custom field in one of the appropriate filter.

    You have to look for the filter which is having name %TranslateNotificationMessage% for respective application

    For example if its related to task then filter name would be NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageTAS_632.

    Please check below screenshot for more reference of Notification filter for other application.

    *Note: As I have done this analysis on 7.5 so for higher version some of the filter might have added.


    1. 8. Now following are the workflow which will actually translate Field mentioned in Email Subject line and Message Body into its corresponding values in database.
    • àNTE:NPC:Translate_240_EmailMsgBodyà

    Filter Guide is having Below filter

    For Common field like Prod Cat1,Cat2,Cat3,Assignee group.

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageCommon_600

    Incident related fields, You have add your custom field in one of the below filter or you can create similar filter and add into the filter guide.

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageINC1_602

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageINC2_604

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageINC3_606

    Release management.

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageRLM1_622

    Problem Management

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessagePBI1_608

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessagePBI2_610

    Purchase Requisition

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageAHA_612

    Inventory Storage

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageAIQ_614

    Asset Managment (AST:Configuration)

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageANF_616

    Contract Managment

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageCTB_618

    Problem Know Error

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessagePKE1_620

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessagePKE2_622

    Change Management

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageCRQ1_624

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageCRQ2_626


        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageAAS_628

    Release managment

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageRMS_630

    Task managment

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageTAS_632

    Approval Server

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageAPR_634

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageNAN_636

    Asset Managment (CI Unavalibility)

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageAOT_638

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageARC_640

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageAVI_642

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageAPI_644

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageBAB_646


        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessage-CON_648



        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessagePPL_650


        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageREQ_652

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageREQ2_654

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageSRV_656

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageWOR_658

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageWOR_660


        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageAPRREQ_662

    Problem Manaement

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageKDB_664

    Configuration Managment

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageREM_668

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessagePBB_670

    Asset Managment Licence Certificae

        : NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageALC_672