BSA/BDSSA Technical Success Plan

Version 12



    This is a document which will cover various recommended maintenance tasks a user should perform to help maintain their BSA/BDSSA infrastructure in an optimal state.  There will be on-going updates to this document as well.


    TaskFrequencyTask ExecutorReasonOutage RequiredImpact of Not Doing
    Execute the UpdateServerProperties JobDailyBLAdminEnsures the properties for all managed Servers are up to dateNoServer properties will not be accurate
    Execute the PushACLs JobDailyBLAdminEnsures the generated RSCD Agent ACLs on the managed targets are up to dateNoAccess to servers will not be accurate, new users will not be able to access servers
    Review the status of unresponsive RSCD AgentsDailyBLAdmin/OS AdminCorrect any agent connectivity issue to ensure on-going managementNoNo access to offline agents
    Execute historical cleanup tasksDaily/WeeklyBLAdminRemove data which is no longer needed.NoDatabase size will grow
    Execute Retention policy, if enabledWeeklyBLAdminDelete content which is older that defined retention periodsNoDatabase size will grow
    Execute database/fileserver cleanup tasksWeeklyBLAdminRemove deleted objects from the database and fileserverNoFileserver/Database size will grow
    Execute BSA's Oracle gather_stats taskWeeklyDBAEnsure the database is optimized per BMC & Oracle best practicesNoPoor UI and general performance
    Execute Application Server cache cleanupMonthlyBLAdminRemove cached data in the Application ServerNoDisk usage on appserver
    Execute RSCD Agent cache cleanupMonthlyBLAdminRemove cached data from the target RSCD AgentNoDisk usage on target servers
    Cleanup file server orphaned filesMonthlyBLAdmin/OS AdminRemove orphaned files from the fileserver, which are no longer referenced.NoFileserver disk usage
    Review Application Server's free disk spaceMonthlyOS AdminEnsure there is ample free space on the Application Server's partition or drive.NoDisk usage on appserver
    Review fileserver's free disk spaceMonthlyOS AdminEnsure there is ample free space for fileserver storage on the defined partition or drive.NoDisk usage on fileserver
    Review Advanced fileserver's free disk spaceMonthlyOS AdminEnsure there is ample free space on the Advanced fileserver storage partition or drive.NoDisk usage on Advanced fileserver
    Review BSA database sizing, per BMC recommendationsMonthlyDBAEnsure the database filesystem has size to grow (datafiles, temp & undo space, transaction logs, etc).Nopoor environment performance
    Review free space for Patch repository storageMonthlyOS AdminEnsure there is ample free space in the defined patch repository locations.Nodisk usage on patch helpers
    Purge old BDSSA ETL eventsMonthlyBLAdminThis prevents the Metadata Navigator from becoming unresponsiveNodatabase space usage on Data Warehouse
    Cleanup Application Server's temporary debug filesMonthlyOS AdminRemove older debug log files to free up additional disk space.Nodisk usage on appserver
    Verify gather_stats execution against Oracle databaseMonthlyDBAConfirm the weekly gather_stats task has been executing successfullyNoOracle DB stats will be out of date, may effect performance
    Perform table specific cleanup, such as blfile and job_run_event.Semi-AnnualDBARemove data from select BSA tables which may be large and no longer required, such as job_run_event.Nodatabase space usage, performance
    Defrag database/database shrinkSemi-AnnualDBAOptimize database datafilesPossiblydatabase space usage, performance
    Review BSA Application Server configuration'sSemi-AnnualBLAdminEnsure the current configuration and determine if adjustment are need to meet current execution requirements.Nopoor performance, undersized environment
    Review expiry date of bladelogic.keystore certificateSemi-AnnualBLAdminEnsure the certificate will not expireNoAppserver's certificate may expire and effect services
    Archive older data from the BDSSA warehouseSemi-AnnualDBAPartition warehouse so only activeNo ETL during DW archiveData warehouse database growth
    Review products for the latest versions and Service PacksSemi-AnnualBLAdminReview the latest features for upgrade considerationNoun-fixed defects
    Perform full review of the BSA/BDSSA infrastructureAnnualBLAdminA full review of the infrastructure to ensure the install and configuration is optimal.Noundersized environment, poor performance



    * Will be adding links to existing content which covers the tasks in additional detail