ITSM 8.1 Permissions and Roles helper

Version 6
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    Hi Admins,


    Here is the application for understanding the permissions and functional roles of different modules available in BMC Remedy 8.1. This application categorizes permissions and functional roles by Capability and Role wise. It also defines some of the basic terms used in day to day IT service life.


    1) Home Page : Entry point for all the screens with some useful URLs related to BMC Remedy.


    Home Page.jpg


    2) By Capabilities - Based on the capability you select, corresponding permission or role will be displayed in the respective sections. You can add as many permissions/roles as you want based on your requirement by selecting the capability. You will find checkboxes for each permission in the permissions box. If you wish to see the applicable license type for permission(s), check the required permissions and click 'Show License Type' button. This will enlist the applicable license type for the respective permissions. You can also choose 'Select All' or 'Deselect All' button to opt in or opt out all the added permissions from the permissions list.




    3) By Roles - This screen will provide the description of permissions and functional roles and also provides the applicable license type for the selected permission.




    4) Definitions - Some basic definition/explanation of terms which will help to understand the IT services.




    It's a small and portable application which runs on Windows7 ( Not tested in other platforms )


    Please do let me know if you find any mistakes or if anything needs to be updated or added.







    Edit (Carl Wilson):  I have temporarily removed the download file until the reported Virus issues on some users system are resolved.  This is being worked on by Srini and others.


    Edit(Srini): Virus related issues have been corrected and verified.... You can use this app without any problem now....


    Thanks to Steve Wilson , LJ LongWing , Matt Laurenceau , Anne Brock , Laurent Matheo , Jason Miller , Sylvain YVON, Carl Wilson for helping me....