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    Company Background

    Founded in 1997, Saama Technologies, Inc. is a consulting and systems integration firm with focused expertise in providing actionable business intelligence for enterprises and innovative outsourcing services for software product companies. Leveraging over nine years of experience at over 500+ projects across multiple marquis clients, Saama has been able to continuously innovate in the formulation and delivery of relevant services to both users and providers of technology. Corporate PhilosophyA deep commitment to our clients' success is the cornerstone of our corporate philosophy - The Science of goalSYNCsm. We firmly believe that once we are able to synchronize our mutual goals, the quality and effectiveness of our services rises exponentially leading to unparalleled client satisfaction. You will find this simple tenet of synchronized goals embedded in all that we do - be it services formulation, recruitment, pre-sales or delivery. At Saama, we don't see ourselves just as a consulting and systems integration firm, but as fellow travelers with our clients on the road to creating enduring value. Services InnovationThe technology services industry, like any other, has changed over the past few years in fundamental ways. Saama constantly strives to innovate and keep ahead of the curve, especially in the formulation and delivery of services - be it global distributed delivery or managed services. For example, leveraging our over seven years experience in business intelligence, Saama has developed the intelligence DISTILLERYsm framework, valuTOOLsm utilities and uniSITEtm program methodology for distributed delivery which together helps enterprises get the most out of their investments in BI, in the shortest possible time. For software product companies, The Art of unCORINGsm - our evolutionary approach to stretch the investment and operational dollar, provides outsourcing as a strategic alternative for many processes from product development to customer support to product deployment.



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