New Workbench for DB2 Enhances DBA Quality of Life

Version 1
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    What are some of the most critical, high-focus activities for DBAs? Getting more work done, faster; mentoring less experienced DBAs who are learning the DB2 craft; responding to Application Developer requests for information about DB2 activity.  Trying to accomplish all of this – in addition to ensuring that production DB2 keeps delivering service to the business – is making the DBA job more than just challenging.  Fortunately, BMC is delivering some new solutions that will make DBA life easier in all these areas.


    Using a browser-based UI coupled with explanatory graphics, the Workbench for DB2 offers:

    • Faster and easier way for DBAs to do their work
    • Familiar UI for training and development of less experienced DBA staff
    • Self-service for Application Developers, so they can answer many of their DB2-related questions themselves.


    The Workbench for DB2 provides a GUI interface to common DB2 activities, such as Explains.  A picture really is worth a thousand words – the Workbench can show either one: Explain Graphic view or List view (as shown in the screen shots below).


    Graphic Explain

    Wkbnch Graphic Explain.png

    List View Explain

    Wkbnch List Explain.png


    Check out these short videos showing how Workbench helps make life easier.  (Go to the "W" in the list)


    The Workbench for DB2 is being delivered as part of selected new Data Management for DB2 solutions from BMC Software.  For more information, contact a BMC Account Manager or Software Consultant.