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    Company Background

    Navara is a software developer that builds mobility products to allow companies of all sizes to extend critical business applications to workers operating out of the office. Navara provides a powerful and easy-to-implement method for adding mobility to existing applications. Navara's open platform provides fast and simple mobile access to information stored in multiple databases, regardless of the type of PDA or terminal the user has. Navara is a division of RAM Mobile Data.

    RAM Mobile Data is an international provider of wireless and mobile data communication solutions for business customers. Using a development platform, RAM Mobile Data is able to develop applications usable in conjunction with GPRS, UMTS and Mobitex networks. RAM Mobile Data owns the Mobitex network in the Netherlands and Belgium, the first packet-switched network for mobile data communication. RAM also markets its own portfolio of GPRS and UMTS services. The company further offers professional services like consultancy, project management and technical support. From the RAM Navigation Centre - the name of RAM's data centres - the company hosts applications, gateways and databases for end-users and service providers.

    Navara's Mobility Suite is offered as a stand-alone product, and is also available as a managed service.  Please visit our website: www.navara.com




    Sales and support office USA
    11940 Morning Mist Drive
    Alpharetta, GA  30005
    United States
    Phone: +1 866 759 5794
    Email: info@navara.com

    Headquarters The Netherlands
    Navara, a RAM Mobile Data division
    Planetenboon 26
    3606 AK Maarssen
    Phone: +31 30 2390390
    Email: sales@navara.com

    Sales Office Belgium
    Excelsiorlaan 50
    1930 Zaventem
    Phone: +32 2 715 2511

    Sales Office UK
    United States
    Phone: +44 775 3628172

    Partner TypeTechnology Alliance
    TerritoryEMEA| Global
    Alliance Products
    Navara Mobility Suite (fmrly. Circadia)