Quick Troubleshooting: Find Workstations not Pingable

Version 1
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    1. Create a batch file with the below code and save it:


    @echo off

    if exist Data.txt goto Label1


    echo Cannot find Data.txt



    goto :eof



    for /f %%i in (Data.txt) do call :Sub %%i

    notepad Computers.txt

    goto :eof



    echo Testing %1

    ping -n 1 %1 | find /i "bytes="  > nul

    if NOT %ErrorLevel%==0 (

      echo %1 >> Computers.txt




    2. Include the workstations that you need to ping in Data.txt file in the same directory where the batch file has been saved.


    3. A text file Computers.txt will be creating listing alll the computers that are not reachable.