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    Tranxition Corporation

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    Company Background

    Tranxition Corporation provides powerful, extensible tools that help IT professionals protect, preserve and transport the significant investment users make in customizing their desktops.This computer personality, a combination of operating system parameters, user and application settings and user data and metadata represents every decision, choice and creation the user has ever made about their personal working environment.

    Tranxition technology allows for the capture and storage (protect), restoration (preserve) and movement/migration (transport)  of this important user asset in a fully automated and efficient process.

    Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, Tranxition was founded in 1998. The company continues to invest heavily in its future with extensive research and development programs focused on helping IT departments manage change.



    Tranxition Headquarters
    516 SE Morrison St
    Suite 242
    Portland, OR  97214
    Phone: +1-503-688-5046

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