Where to post your question to ensure maximum visibility?

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    Why posting your question in the right community is important for you?

    The place (product) where you create your discussion is very important.

    Domain experts are usually monitoring their own domain of expertise through the streams (The Future on BMC Communities: Streams, part deux    Tuesday tip: Step 1 is to set up your streams).

    If you create your discussion in a wrong place / community, there is a great chance these experts won't see it and won't answer swiftly to your question.



    Let's take some real life examples



    I°) Posting directly in the right community:

    Let's say I want to ask a question about a CI and what are the best practices rules about it? That means it concerns the CMDB product.

    I can go directly to the "Products->BMC Atrium Platform->BMC Atrium CMDB" community




    And create my discussion there in the "content" tab clicking on the "Start a discussion" link:



    As  you can see in the bottom of your text zone, the "BMC Atrium CMDB" place has automatically been selected:




    II°) Selecting another place when creating a discussion:

    If you posted in a wrong place, for example you wanted to ask a question about CIs and CMDB but you clicked on "Start a Discussion" in the "BMC Remedy AR System" community, you still can change the place at this stage.


    Click on the "Change" link:


    And enter a few letters to search amongst the places (you can also use the "Browse places" link):


    There I selected the "BMC Atrium CMDB" and the place is automatically refreshed:




    III°) Why you shouldn't create a discussion in "your" community?:

    When you create a discussion, you have several possible destinations:



    • "In a Place"
      • Which is a product place (community) as we saw in the previous examples,
      • 08.png
    • "Specific People"
      • This discussion will only be available / visible to people you will hand pick.
      • 09.png
    • "The BMC Communities Community"
      • This discussion will be created under "your" community.
      • 10.png


    If you choose "The BMC Communities Community" then the discussion will be placed under "your" community (your name).


    For example here I created a discussion and I need help about CIs and CMDB. As you can see, it is not created in the CMDB place / community, but in "my" place. This is a problem because there is a great chance that CMDB experts are not monitoring "my" place.

    Hence they will never reply to my question




    IV°) So I created my discussion in "my" place rather than the product one, how can I change this?:

    1°) Using the "Move" Link:

    It is possible to "move" your discussion to the right product place using the "Move" link at the right of your discussion:



    There you just have to search for the right place (here "cmdb") and select it:


    And confirm the move:



    And as you can see, the question is now under the right community





    2°) Editing your discussion:

    You can also click on "Edit" to edit your discussion:



    And change in the bottom of the text the discussion destination, here from "The BMC Communities Community":



    To "In a Place" and you just need to enter a couple of letters to search the right one:



    You just have to hit the "Post" button now and the Discussion will then be moved:



    End result, the discussion is now in the "BMC Atrium CMDB" community: