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    Headquartered near Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, Mobile Reach delivers business process improvement solutions to the mobile worker in commercial, educational, and government organizations around the world.  Mobile Reach's Splitware Mobility Platform extends and integrate critical business applications, such as BMC Remedy Action Request System, to mobile operating systems. In addition, Mobile Reach also provides a myriad of support services to ensure the optimal implementation for your exact business and user requirements.

    Mobile Reach has been at the mobile technology forefront since its inception, offering best-in-class mobile products and services that seamlessly work together in a variety of configurations.  Our applications are designed to give customers freedom at all levels - freedom from being tied to a desk, freedom to take technology to the point of action, and the freedom to lower costs and increase productivity.


    At Mobile Reach, we understand that every benefit of Business Service Management is predicated on the data integrity of the CMDB. BMC Software provides an extensive and complete ITSM system that becomes a highly sophisticated machine of intricate data storage, management, rules, triggers, alerts, and notifications. This BSM Machine enables the organization to track its IT environment real-time, monitoring trends and historical information, providing access to relevant issues, relationships, and potential problems whenever necessary to keep the organization running optimally day in and day out.

    However, in order to take full advantage of the power of the BSM Machine, it is important to ensure that the information being entered into the system (input) is as complete and as accurate as possible, and that notifications and alerts (output) are being delivered to the right individuals at the right time. This will improve decision-making and enable the organization to rapidly and efficiently react to situations, preventing or minimizing the effects of problems before they negatively affect associated business services.


    Mobile Reach provides a user-focused suite of mobility solutions that are directly integrated with BMC's BSM-based ITSM applications, and that ensure optimal performance of the BSM machine. From barcode scanning assets on the receiving dock to performing a complete and efficient physical inventory; from resolving incidents on location to managing change tasks where they occur; from receiving alerts to processing change request or purchase approvals on an iPhone, iPad or BlackBerry, Mobile Reach equips your entire mobile workforce and provides full, self-service, closed-loop management of all your ITSM applications.




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