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    Sentry Software, a pure R & D enterprise, provides unmatched expert  monitoring solutions for all platforms. As a leading Technology Alliance  member with BMC Software, Sentry Software offers key products specifically  designed to complement and/or augment BMC solutions, allowing customers to  secure their business-critical applications and drive the productivity of  their entire IT infrastructure.

    Sophisticated, technically avant-garde, yet simple in usage, the  uniqueness of Sentry Software solutions lies in their ease to simultaneously  monitor diverse platforms thus enabling up to 100% coverage of a given IT  infrastructure. Prevention of failures, inefficiencies in business-critical  systems and applications minimizes the risks of negative impacts of IT quirks  on the customer's business goals.

    Bringing value to  your business
      The privileged technical alliance translates into 6 solutions:

    1.       Hardware Monitoring: monitors the processors, disks, fiber ports,  controllers, network adapters, temperature sensors, etc. on all your servers.

    2.       High-Availability Monitoring: monitors the environment to anticipate  Cluster or other resource failures. Ensure problems are anticipated or dealt  with quickly.

    3.       Storage Monitoring: monitors SAN devices like disk arrays, fiber  switches, tape libraries from EMC, IBM, HP, Hitachi, Brocade, Cisco, Quantum,  etc.

    4.       Storage Automation: bridges people, process, and technology to  automate manual, repetitive tasks across IT and thus better support your  business needs.

    5.       Storage Capacity Optimization: provides SAN  administrators with a wide range  or capacity and performance metrics about their storage and SAN  infrastructure.

    6.       Applications Monitoring: covers the applications critical to the  business and bring monitoring and diagnosis data for applications and  custom-built solutions.

    The expertise and professionalism at Sentry Software ensures a relentless  pursuit of technological advances and excellent customer support.

    Sentry Software's proactive approach in monitoring solutions boosts BMC solutions'  capabilities and helps you maintain an enviable perfect IT environment.

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