Going Mobile with BMC Communities (No longer applicable in 2020)

Version 11
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    The Jive platform that BMC Communities uses has been updated to allow mobility.  There are native Jive clients for iOS and Android as well as a mobile browser friendly version.


    Mobile App

         1. Find and install the the Jive app for:



         2. Enter https://communities.bmc.com as the URL and click Go

    AndroidJive02UrlScreen.pngor scan this QR code: qr-code-communities-bmc-com.png


         3.  You will see content but you are not yet logged in.



    4. Click the Log In button and enter your BMC Communities login information



    5. You are logged in when you see your avatar in the upper left corner of the Jive app.


    6. Enjoy the BMC Communities anywhere you go

    iPad_AllActivity.PNG.png iPhone_Acclaims.JPG.jpg

    iPad_Inbox.PNG.png iPhoneAllActivity.JPG.jpg


    Mobile Browser

    Direct your browser to https://communities.bmc.com. You will be redirected to https://bmccommunities.jive-mobile.com.  The mobile browser version looks much like the Android app.