Automation User Groups

Version 7

    There are a number of Automation User Groups around the country/world, but it's been relatively difficult to find them.


    We have informal groups in a number of areas.  Ideally a group would be led by the users, but in some areas they're currently being managed by the local SC or Automation Specialist.


    If you'd like to participate, have an existing group we don't have here, or want to talk about starting your own Automation user group, please reach out.





    Boston: The specified item was not found. (contact Mike Lupiani or Scott Pochay)

    NY Metro (contact David Koppe or Justin Bogli)

    DC Area (contact Bill Robinson)

    Louisville area (contact Sean Berry)



    Chicago (contact Marcus Hogue or Erik Johannessen or Sean Berry)

    Minneapolis/St. Paul (contact Marcus Hogue or Erik Johannessen or Sean Berry)  Midwest SDE BMC User Group - Feb 26, 2014

    Midwest Area (Kansas City): Midwest (KC) BMC User Group

    Texas (contact Ryan Bailey)



    SF Bay Area (contact John Atkinson or Tom Kane)

    LA/Orange County (contact Tom Kane)


    Mexico (contact Pablo Hernandez)


    Canada (contact Max Skybin)


    Iberia (Spain/Portugal) The specified item was not found. (contact Pablo Legarda)

    UK: UK BMC Automation User Group

    France (Bordeaux, contact Nicolas Maillet)



    India: India BMC Bladelogic User Group

    India BMC Bladelogic User GroupAustralia (contact Barry McQuillan)

    Japan (contact Soichiro Inoue)

    Korea (?)


    Automation Jobs: Jobs/Careers