Service Modeling Toolkit - Atrium Integrator v1.0

Version 2
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    ** Service Modeling Toolkit is posted


    The purpose of this Field Developed Integration is to automatically create CIs/CI Attributes and Dependencies that make up a Business Service Model. This tool can be used as a way to validate the functional components of a Service Model without needing to reconcile to BMC.ASSET. The source of the data is a multi-tabbed XLS spreadsheet.


    The concept is to sit down with a customer or SME and fill in the “meta data” of the Service Model. The Service Modeling Toolkit is intended to accelerate the process for building Service Models.


    The following diagram shows the data flow from XLS to an Import data set within the CMDB:


    XLS to Service Model Toolkit.png


    The Service Modeling Toolkit includes the following CIs and dependencies:


    • Logical CIs such as Transaction and Business Service
    • Virtual Server
    • Server Clusters
    • Load Balancer Resource Pools (e.g. Web Pool)
    • SAN – Importing Disk Arrays and LUN Mappings (CI Relationships) to physical servers
    • Edge Switch – Network Relationships
    • And others ..


    Below is a screenshot of Atrium Explorer after importing the “sample” data (XLS):


    Service Model.png


    Note: ADDM is not discussed in this document, though Reconciliation Rules would be required to prevent duplicates from being merged into BMC.ASSET.


    The following are required for the Service Modeling Toolkit:


    • Atrium Integrator 7.6.04 or Atrium Integrator 8.0
    • BPPM Extensions installed (requirement even if BPPM is not deployed)


    Reference for Pentaho Steps in Transforms:


    • Pentaho Data Integration Steps  (Use this as a Reference for steps in a Kettle Transform)