OS Patching Vendor Health Dashboard

Version 130

    BMC Customers using Automation for Patching use cases depend on OS vendors for Patches and metadata.  This document tracks the service status of the different OS Vendors as known to BMC Support.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact your support specialist.


    Status as of 2017-04-13 10:00 EST


    Operating SystemOS Vendor URLStatusStatus DateNotes
    Microsoft Windowshttp://x**.shavlik.com/OK - IMPORTANT CHANGES2017-04-13

    2017-04-13 IMPORTANT NOTE:  Microsoft has changed the Naming Convention for Bulletins.  This may affect any smart groups that you use that are based off of Bulletin Name:

    SEE: Microsoft Security Bulletin naming convention change April 11th, 2017

    or BMC KA 00134334



    2017-02-14 Note:  Per February 2017 security update release – MSRC

    Microsoft has delayed their February Patch release.  More info to follow.


    2017-01-05 -  Invalid Licence error while doing windows patch analysis.

    Certain users may experience the error "STDERR: Error: 80070057 'class STCore::CInvalidOperationException at ScannerData.cpp:54: Invalid license passed in': parameter name: 'initializeParams' ".

    2017-01-06 - 19:30 EST - Issue has been resolved on the Shavlik side. If the issue was previously encountered, run a Catalog Update and then retest Patch Analysis.  (NOTE BladeLogic 8.2 is using an obsolete version of the Shavlik SDK.  Shavlik pulled support on this version on January 3rd.   If you wish to continue windows patching using BladeLogic you must be on version 8.3 or higher.  BSA 8.2 is End of Life on January 31st, 2017.)



    Get latest Windows Filter Configuration File here.

    Oracle SolarisOK2014-10-30No known issues.
    IBM AIXOK2014-10-30No known issues.
    Red Hat LinuxWarning2016-04-03

    XMLRPC is reaching End of Support by Dec, 2017. Please refer to XMLRPC EOSL.pdf attachment for details on impact.



    There is a verified issue with Red Hat 4, 5 and 6 downloads not being able to successfully complete. This is because of a change to Red Hat's website.


    As of 2016-09-07 the symptoms are:


    BSA 8.6

    Error 09/06/2016 20:45:55  Error while updating feed: Error occurred while logging to RHN. (Caused By: No permission to connect to URL: https://idp.redhat.com/idp/authUser. Request for url failed with status code: 403)


    BSA 8.7

    Error 09/07/2016 01:41:38  Validation Error :- BLPAT1005 - Red Hat Web Service Login Failed.

    Possible remediation steps :- Please check the vendor login credentials

    Please check the proxy login credentials


    Browsing to idp.redhat.com gets a placeholder page stating that the page has been deprecated and a link to sso.redhat.com


    Please refer to KA 000116380



    Please note Red Hat 7 downloads, online and offline catalog, are NOT affected by this issue.


    Note: BSA 8.5 and BSA 8.8 are also affected by this issue.  The symptoms should appear similar.


    RHEL7 Patch catalog update fails with the error "Fatal error while updating metadata : null" for all versions of BSA 8.7 (GA,Patch1,patch2 and Patch3).

    Due to a recently posted errata that does not point to any rpms, this error is now occurring on BSA 8.7 RHEL7 download/Catalog Updates.

    See this KA for Remediation details:











    We apologize for any inconvenience.

    SuSE LinuxOK2017-04-03Feb 2015: A change to the Novell website has caused a problems during patch downloads. BMC will be providing a fix for this issue in BSA 8.5.1 Patch 5 and BSA 8.6 SP1 both of which will be available in late March 2015. If you encounter an issue during SuSE patch analysis and cannot wait until either 8.5.1 Patch 5 or 8.6 SP1 are released, please contact BMC Support for assistance.
    HP HP-UXOK2014-10-30No known issues.