OS Patching Vendor Health Dashboard

Version 157

    BMC Customers using Automation for Patching use cases depend on OS vendors for Patches and metadata.  This document tracks the service status of the different OS Vendors as known to BMC Support.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact your support specialist.


    Status as of 2019-02-13 15:48 EST


    Operating SystemOS Vendor URLStatusStatus DateNotes
    Microsoft Windowshttp://x**.shavlik.com/Warning


    Issue Fixed, new metadata effective 2019-02-13 13:30 EST has corrected bulletin Info.

    This should have only affected catalogs that contain the Visual Studio filter.  Preliminary indications are a subsequent catalog update may fail in some cases.  If this happens please raise a ticket with support.

    Invalid character in Ivanti metadata causing Windows Catalog Updates to fail.

    Ivanti is aware of the situation and actively working on a fix.




    Metadata Errors Corrected - Catalog updates are once again functioning normally.


    Changes to metadata have led to errors updating Windows patch catalogs.  We are currently working with Ivanti/Shavlik to resolve these issues.  Versions of BSA verified affected are 8.8 and 8.9 all SPs.




    Some Microsoft Patch Rollups starting in January 2018 (including ones containing Meltdown and Spectre fixes) are not being detected during BMC BladeLogic Server Automation (BSA) Windows Patch Analysis even though the patches are not installed on the Target Server.  Note: Going forward any Cumulative Rollups will contain these patches and thus will also be dependent of the QualityCompat registry key being in place to allow detection. See KA 000147164 for more info.



    If you are seeing patches for Bulletins beginning with  "IVA18-" in your patch analysis please see the following important link:  Mystery Patches for Bulletins IVA18-XXX. .  These should be excluded from patching.



    Customers using BSA 8.6.01 and previous versions for patching Windows 2012 R2 are reporting Patch Deploy Job failures.  BMC has investigated this case and found the cause is Ivanti/Shavlik metadata published post Patch Tuesday (Dec 11) that is incompatible with the older version of the Patching SDK used by BSA 8.6.01 and below.  A code fix has been developed and tested. If you are experiencing deployment failures on Server 2012 R2 machines, please create a ticket and say you believe the cause is the Shavlik SDK issue.  This will allow us to route the tickets most efficiently.   We will post a defect number and KA soon.


    Get latest Windows Filter Configuration File here.

    Oracle SolarisOK2014-10-30No known issues.
    IBM AIXOK2014-10-30No known issues.
    Red Hat LinuxWarning2018-11-02


    Problems have occurred in catalog updates containing some specific errata containing references to src rpms..  A workaround is being developed and Red Hat is being consulted.  More details to follow.


    Note: Due to Red Hat's site recent changes it appears that you must use the new CDN, download method starting immediately. See The following Links

                                                                      -----IMPORTANT NOTE -------

    The old download method is disruptive to Red Hat and if you use it they may suspend your Red Hat credentials.









    This means that no download from BSA online or offline downloaders versions less than 8.5 will work!


    We will publish further details as they become available.


    There is a verified issue with Red Hat 4, 5 and 6 downloads not being able to successfully complete. This is because of a change to Red Hat's website.


    As of 2016-09-07 the symptoms are:


    BSA 8.6

    Error 09/06/2016 20:45:55  Error while updating feed: Error occurred while logging to RHN. (Caused By: No permission to connect to URL: https://idp.redhat.com/idp/authUser. Request for url failed with status code: 403)


    BSA 8.7

    Error 09/07/2016 01:41:38  Validation Error :- BLPAT1005 - Red Hat Web Service Login Failed.

    Possible remediation steps :- Please check the vendor login credentials

    Please check the proxy login credentials


    Browsing to idp.redhat.com gets a placeholder page stating that the page has been deprecated and a link to sso.redhat.com


    Please refer to KA 000116380



    Please note Red Hat 7 downloads, online and offline catalog, are NOT affected by this issue.


    Note: BSA 8.5 and BSA 8.8 are also affected by this issue.  The symptoms should appear similar.


    RHEL7 Patch catalog update fails with the error "Fatal error while updating metadata : null" for all versions of BSA 8.7 (GA,Patch1,patch2 and Patch3).

    Due to a recently posted errata that does not point to any rpms, this error is now occurring on BSA 8.7 RHEL7 download/Catalog Updates.

    See this KA for Remediation details:











    We apologize for any inconvenience.

    SuSE LinuxOK2017-04-03Feb 2015: A change to the Novell website has caused a problems during patch downloads. BMC will be providing a fix for this issue in BSA 8.5.1 Patch 5 and BSA 8.6 SP1 both of which will be available in late March 2015. If you encounter an issue during SuSE patch analysis and cannot wait until either 8.5.1 Patch 5 or 8.6 SP1 are released, please contact BMC Support for assistance.
    HP HP-UXOK2014-10-30No known issues.