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    Entuity Incorporated

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    Company Background

    Entuity, Ltd. is a leading independent provider of enterprise-class network management software. Entuity (formerly known as Eye of the Storm) integrates all the requisite, contemporary network management functionality including automated, continual discovery of inventory and topology; configuration monitoring; event management and root cause analysis; elemental performance; integrated application flow; and extensive reporting into a single operationally efficient solution.

    Entuity is efficient by design-built to dramatically reduce the complexity of network management. It's extensible, agile, and unified architecture enables change to accommodate growth, scales without limit, and easily integrates with the larger IT environment. By shielding network administrators and users from the underlying architecture, Entuity simplifies management, dramatically increases operational efficiency, and lowers total cost of ownership.

    Entuity is also offered directly by BMC Software as Entuity Network Monitoring and Analytics for BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management which includes tight integrations with other BMC solutions.

    Entuity customers include organizations such as Airports Company South Africa, Sanofi, Astra Zeneca, Nokia, BMC Software, CLS Services, DIRECTV, Dell, Pernod Ricard, Grupo Modelo, Air China, and WorldPay.  For more information, please visit entuity.com or call (508) 357-6344 (North America) or +44 (0) 20 7444 4800 (EMEA).




    Entuity, Ltd. (UK Headquarters)
    9a Devonshire Square
    London  EC2M 4YN
    United Kingdom
    Phone: +44 (0)20 7444 4800
    Email: info@entuity.com

    Entuity, Inc. (US Headquarters)
    4 Mount Royal Avenue
    Suite 340
    Marlborough, MA  01752
    Phone: +1.508.357.6344
    Email: info@entuity.com

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    Entuity Eye of the Storm Integration Module for BMC Remedy AR System