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    Effective Technologies is an IT software and consulting services company founded in 2006 specializing in IT Service Management and ITIL Best Practices. With our extensive domain expertise and experience assisting companies of all sizes and industries in the IT service support and service delivery arena, Effective Technologies help our customers to cost effectively deliver mission-critical IT services to their constituents.

    Effective Technologies is experienced in architecting, designing, integrating, and delivering world-class solutions. We strive to exceed every customer measure on quality, cost, and on-time delivery. We have a firm commitment to the success of our customers and believe that the only criteria for our own success are to "exceed customer expectations". Currently specializing in software applications developed by BMC Software, our mission is to provide premium technical consulting services, best practices, and value-added products for BMC Remedy IT Service Management applications and integrated 3rd-party technologies.




    2804 Mission College Blvd. Suite 210
    Santa Clara, CA  95054
    Phone: 408-834-7554 ext 101
    Email: sales@effect-tech.com

    Partner TypeTechnology Alliance
    Alliance Products
    Effective Transport for Atrium CMDB
    Effective Transport for BMC Remedy ITSM
    Effective Transport for BMC Remedy SRM (formerly SRD Datalink)
    Effective Transport for LDAP (formerly Enterprise LDAP Datalink)