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    Company Background

    The explosion in scope and complexity of IT in today's global organizations has rendered current IT management and analytical tools ineffectual. For IT to become an efficient, optimized, and organic part of the 21st century enterprise, nothing less than a new analytical foundation -- literally a "new math for IT" -- is required.

    Blazent IT intelligence software gives you a new math for IT: powerful analytic tools to help you make informed financial and planning decisions for your IT infrastructure. It integrates selected HR and financial data to give you complete, consistent and real-time information. Our customers have used it effectively to save money, speed decision-making, and help align IT with their business strategies.



    San Mateo Centre
    1820 Gateway Drive, Ste 200
    San Mateo, CA  94404
    Phone: 650.286.5500
    Fax: 650.286.1956

    Partner TypeTechnology Alliance
    Technology CategoryAsset/Inventory/Discovery