Conversion of Self Service Users: How to Change User Licenses and Profiles from Customer Portal to Salesforce Platform

Version 2
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    With Remedyforce Winter 13 customers can setup self service users to approve service/change requests and/or use Chatter with Remedyforce.


    This capability requires two changes.  First, customer must upgrade to Remedyforce Winter 13.  Code changes were required in Remedyforce Self Service to suport the new Self Service platform license that provides this new functionality.  Second, customers must request a swap of their platform licenses for self service users to the new license types (more on that below).  The Remedyforce Winter 13 upgrade does not automatically add these new capabilities to Self Service users.  And for customers who don't need/want the new functionality, there is no need to follow the steps below.  Customers can continue using Remedyforce Self Service as it is today without changing anything.


    For those who want to change, there are several steps.

    1. Agree to new license terms that spell out new capabilities

         a. If you purcahsed from BMC, that can be done by registering for a new trial

         b. If you purchased from, contact your AE

    2. Upgrade to Remedyforce Winter 13

    3. Request a swap of your current Customer Portal Manager Custom licenses to limited use Salesforce Platform licenses

         a. If you purchased from BMC, request through BMC Customer Support

         b. If you purchased from, request through your AE

    4. When the swap occurs, you will have about a month to migrate users from their current Customer Portal Manager Customer licenses to limited use Salesforce Platform licenses.

    5. The platform does not allow you to simply swap users into the new license, so you need to follow several steps to convert your users so they can take advantage of the new functionality.

         a. Deactivate your current Self Service (Customer Portal Manager Custom) users

         b. Rename your current Self Service (Customer Portal Manager Custom) users

         c. Create a new profile copied from ServiceDesk Client that specifies Salesforce Platform as the license

         d. Create your Self Service users with the new profile

         e. Update any Active Directory import scripts that you are using (optional)

         f.  Update exiting Incidents so the new User ID is properly linked instead of the old User ID (optional)

         g. Update CIs so new User ID is linked for Clients (optional)


    BMC Customer Support can provide more details on this process and the migration steps above.