AR System .NET and COM API 8.0.0

Version 4
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    Current Version:

         (Date: 02/07/2013)

    • 8.0.0 version
    • GetListImage is now working fine.
    • ARCreateGroup changes done to reflect the incorporation of additional property "groupOverlay"

    Previous drops:
    7.6.4 RTM (candidate) -

         (Date: 01/18/2011)

    • 7.6.4 version
    • ExpandMenu API has a new overloaded version introducing two new parameters maxRetrive and numMatches.
    • MergeEntry API has a new overloaded version introducing two new parameters qualification and multimatchoption.
    • CreateOverlay and CreateOverlayFromObject are the two new API's introduced for the Overlay feature.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Get Active Link call throwing out of bound exception with Service call action without input mapping.
    • SetGetEntry is the new API introduced for updating an entry in a form and getting the entry with values for given fields in a single call.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the SetActiveLink API not able to save the RunIf condition. 


        (Date: 04/22/2009)


    • 7.5 version
    • fixed an issue related to ExportData when more than 100 entries are to be exported.


    7.5 RTM (Candidate) - 7.5.3324.41088

         (Date: 02/06/2009)

    • 7.5 version upgrade
    • fixed an issue related to ExportLicense. (Thanks to Jan Hartung who reported the defect & suggested fix);


         (Date: 07/25/2008

         (Date: 07/22/2008)

              BMC.ARSystem.Server.GetListLicense call is is performed.


           (Date: 07/02/2008)



      -  fixed a defect that caused NullPointerException when "new PackingList()" is performed.
      -  added "Items" property in PackingList class that allows for easy enumeration of the items in a packing list object.
      -  up to date code clean up so hopefully few other defects are fixed now.

      - fixed ServerInfomation class for dealing with AR Servers of version 6.0 and 7.0;
      - fixed a defect pertaining to a Null Object Reference exception that was caused simply by doing a "new PackingList()"
      - fixed a defect related to using FieldLabelChanger against VendorForms and ViewForms.

      - fixed AlertReceiver implementation (Thanks to Jan Hartung who reported the defect and suggested working implementation);
      - "AdminToolObjectOpener" utility class - this class allows one to programmatically 'send' a request to an already running BMC Remedy Administrator Tool to open a specific workflow object.
      - "arformcodegen" utility program - helps generate C# class representing a given AR form, using which Entry operations (such as CreateEntry/DeleteEntry/SetEntry/GetEntry/Query) can be performed in much easier and type-safe manner w.r. to the said form.
      7.1.2807.12353 - fixed SetEntryByQuery to work correctly when multiple entries match; DeleteAlert API method now available.
      7.1 RTM  - 7.1.2804.21570



      • added a missing DLL file in the distribution.
      • fixed a defect that caused overflow or underflow error when
      • readme is cleaned up.



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