BSA Best Practices Webinar - Patching with BMC Server Automation (BladeLogic)

Version 11
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    This Webinar covers Patching with BMC Server Automation (BladeLogic).


    Material covered includes:


    • Language, Terms and Concepts
      • Patch Catalogs
      • Policies
      • Analysis & Deployment
    • Use Cases
      • Basic Patching
      • Align by Deployment
      • Fully Realized Use Case
    •   Advanced Cases
      • Time-basedPolicies
      • Complex Change Environments
      • Distributed Environments
    • Reporting


    New!  (March 2014) Zipkit for Windows Patching Compliance!  Blade ZipKit - Component Template with Remediation - Patch Readiness for Windows (supports 20.02)


    Make sure to check out the rest of the series and the how-to videos and documentation covered in the slides.


    Please see below for video recording and PDF of the presentation.


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    We'll publish Linux and Solaris Patching shortly.