BMC Remedy AR System JDBC Driver 1.0.2

Version 6
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    The ODBC client-side driver previously delivered with AR System has been announced to be nearing its end of life.  At the same time, use of Java based solutions within the industry has expanded.  But with many java based sql tools, one has to create a JDBC-ODBC bridge to use the ODBC driver which causes latency issues.

    To make it easier to integrate with such tools like Squirrel, DB Visualizer, Crystal reports or to write a simple JDBC client that can access AR System data, BMC is making the AR System JDBC driver available as an unsupported driver.

    Please note that this driver only operates in read mode only. No create, update or delete operations can be performed.

    For detailed information about the installation, integration with other standard JDBC clients like DB Visualizer and Squirrel, or a sample program using this AR System JDBC driver please refer to the available documentation.

    BMC has taken commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the quality of this solution and has tested for reasonable period before making this available for wider consumption as an unsupported application interface. As an unsupported driver, best effort will be provided via the BMC Communities to address questions or issues regarding the utility.  BMC Support will not accept issues regarding this driver.

    We are looking forward for your comments and suggestions about this driver. Feedback will be used to influence future versions of the AR System JDBC driver as well as potentially drive this functionality into supported solutions.


    Download driver and documentation.