Adding Server to BSA assigned to specific groups and property values

Version 2

    This script will take a list of servers and add them to BSA, assign them to server groups and assign property values.


    It can be run directly from command line or through a BSA script job



    -h List of HOSTS to add seperated by space

    -g List of GROUPS to add server to

    -p List of PROPERTY=value to assign the new server



    >nsh RegisterServerPerformance.nsh -h serverName -g /ServerGroup1 /ServerGroup2 -p Property1=value1 Property2=value2


    To run this as a script job in BSA add this script like this and execute the job without specifying a TARGET for the job


    ScreenHunter_242 Jan. 31 10.58.jpg


    ScreenHunter_244 Jan. 31 11.54.jpg