Switch Job's Target Servers

Version 1

    The script will find the jobs that a server object is directly a target of (meaning not via a smart group) and possibly remove one server and add another (change targets)

    Note, this does not work w/ NSH Script Jobs for some reason

    Alternatively you can just generate a csv file of the jobs that the server is a target of.



    Usage: usage -d <level> --P <blProfile> -R <blRole>

    -d <debug level>  Debug Log output, level 0-5.  Should be first option (int)

    -R <blRole>          BladeLogic RBAC Role to authenticate as

    -P <blProfile>     BladeLogic Authentication profile to authenticate as

    -m  <scriptMode>  if 'switch' is specified, then the change to the job will be made, other wise just print the jobs to a file

    -s <sourceServer>  name of the server object to look for

    -t  <targetServer>  name of the new target server object