Change NSH Script/Job Parameter Value

Version 1

    This script lets you change an existing NSH Script parameter value and propagate that change to any dependent NSH Script Jobs.  You can also change the parameter flag, for example to make the option non-editable.  This is useful if you want to force the dependent jobs to use a particular parameter, or just want to change the parameter value for all existing scripts when you aren't sure if the value has been customized per job.



    Usage: usage -d <level> -P <blProfile> -R <blRole>

    -d <debug level>  Debug Log output, level 0-5.  Should be first option (int)

    -R <blRole>          BladeLogic RBAC Role to authenticate as

    -P <blProfile>     BladeLogic Authentication profile to authenticate as

    -n    <nshScript>   Full path of the NSH Script Object in the Depot

    -i <paramIndex>  Index number of the script parameter to change

    -p <paramValue>  Value you want to change the parameter to

    -f  <paramFlag>   Optional: Force a param flag setting after making changes to the value

    -j    <updateJobs>  true/false - update the dependent jobs with the new value