Setting Channel Properties with Policy Manager

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    You need to use the below syntax to assign property to any channel on a workstation.






    <property-name> - name of the channel property to be assigned to the workstations

    <channel-URL> - URL of the channel on which the property is to be assigned

    <property-value> - value for the channel property


    e.g., for setting the start schedule for inventory service, we need to specify the property as:


    start.schedule,http://mastertx:5282/Marimba/Current/InventoryService=every 1 days update every 360 minutes


    where http://mastertx:5282/Marimba/Current/InventoryService is URL of the Inventory Service channel on which the property is to be assigned.


    Once the property is applied on the workstation, it will show in the Inventory Service channel.txt file as


    start.schedule=every 1 days update every 360 minutes


    Note: You do not need to specify the channel URL in case you are setting the property for the policy service channel.

    So for setting a property for policy service channel the syntax would change to: