BCO 9.0 Best Practices Webinars - Second Series

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    The Proactive Operations BU announces a five session BCO webinar series to provide guidance around product best practices in the areas of Architecture/Scalability, Data Integration Architecture Design, BPA->BCO Data Integration, BCO-CLM integration, and Storage Capacity Management.


    These 90 minute sessions will be held monthly over the course of the next five months and cover the major architectural areas for BCO 9.0.  These sessions will focus on product level best practices, and lightly touch on some of the major integration points.  Suite level best practices will not be covered in these sessions.


    The sessions are listed below, with links to the presentation materials and recordings:


    BCO Architecture & Scalability (with BCO 9.0 updates) - 30 October, 2012


    Designing the BCO Data Integration Architecture - 4 December, 2012


    Managing BPA to BCO Data Integration - 8 January, 2013


    Deploying and Configuring BCO-CLM Integration - 5 February, 2013


    Storage Capacity Management - 5 March, 2013


    Additional Webinar Series can be found at the following locations: