Get Over It - WWRUG12 song

Version 4

    With David Easter and Jason Miller performing during the party on Thursday:


    Thanks Laurent for the video!


    UPDATE: Due to popular demand, attached is also a version of the song recorded karaoke style as an mp3 so you can hear all the lyrics.


    Get Over It lyrics

    Songwriters: Henley, Don; Frey, Glenn Lewis;

    Parody by David J. Easter



    I read ARSList and what do I see?

    A lotta people cryin’ for the W-A-T

    They point their crooked little fingers at Dev Studio

    They’re shakin’ their heads sayin’ nothing but “No”.

    It doesn’t do that and it doesn’t do this

    They want to keep their Admin Tool from 1996


    Get over it!

    Get over it!

    All this whinin’ and cryin’ and pitchin’ a fit

    Get over it! Get over it!


    You say you can’t develop since you switched in 7.5

    But you might feel better if we keep the User Tool alive

    The more I think about it old Dougie was right

    Let’s drop the support, drop it tonight

    You don’t wanna upgrade, want your maintenance for free

    This ain’t open source – it’s B-M-C Remedy


    Get over it!

    Get over it!

    Read the documentation, it’ll help quite a bit

    Get over it! Get over it!


    I yell at my screen every time you start a brand new poll

    This horse is now dead, you’re out of control

    You think you’re a rebel, I think you’re a troll, yeah yeah yeah


    Yeah you’re draggin’ your feet - the future is here

    You might as well accept it - your path is crystal clear

    If you don’t adapt, we won’t keep you around

    Instead of writing workflow you’d just bring our servers down

    Complain about the present - you’re livin’ in the past

    So come next year to WWRUG – we’ll kick your little ass!


    Get over it!

    Get over it!

    You need 3 extra screens to make the panels all fit?

    Get over it! Get over it!


    Get over it!

    Get over it!

    Dan will throw you off the list if you don’t call it quits!

    Get over it! Get over it!