NERC Compliance template (BSA 7.6)

Version 1

    Recently we got some requests for a Component Template that supports the NERC standard. BMC has never created one, so it's not available in any BSA content pack.


    Attached is the ONLY NERC Compliance template i was able to get my hands on. It's in BSA 7.6 format, so to be able to use this in a recent install of BSA you would have to set up a BSA 7.6 environment in which you import this ZIP file and then upgrade that environment to the version you want to use the templates in. From that environment you export the content and import it in your final (production?) environment.


    It's a bit of a hassle, but it's better than nothing. If someone has gone through the above procedure and has these Component Templates in 8.x format, please update this post.