BMC Remedy Health Advisor (unsupported)

Version 1
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    It is challenging to monitor in-house BMC Remedy Action Request System servers and an AR System based application infrastructure that is supporting critical business services. To help, BMC is making the BMC Remedy Health Advisor application available as an unsupported utility.

    This solution consists of:


    1. BMC Remedy Health Advisor Server Application - to be deployed on a central BMC Remedy AR Server
    2. BMC Remedy Health Advisor Client Creator - used to create the "BMC Remedy Health Advisor Client" to be deployed on the AR System Server which needs to be monitored


    BMC Remedy Health Advisor application is designed to enable on-premise support personnel or a service provider offering managed services to actively monitor the different aspects of the AR System infrastructure and proactively be able to prevent the issues affecting the underlying business services.


    This solution enables a service provider to monitor AR System infrastructure of each instance or end-customer from one single location and also provides the ability to the end-customer to control what a service provider should monitor.


    Key features of this solution are as listed below:

    • Monitoring AR System Server
    • Monitoring AR System Server configuration
    • Monitoring AR System Server error log
    • Collecting AR System Server License Usage
    • Collecting AR System Server "Server Statistics"
    • Collecting Form Entry counts
    • Sending Alert Notification
    • Stopping and Starting AR System Server
    • Integration with BMC ITSM Incident Management application
    • Report generation


    For detailed information about the architecture, installation, creating a client or on-boarding a customer; please refer to the available documentation.


    BMC has taken commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the quality of this solution and has tested for reasonable period before making this available for wider consumption as an unsupported application. As an unsupported utility, best effort will be provided via the BMC Communities to address questions or issues regarding the utility.  BMC Support will not accept issues regarding this utility.


    We are looking forward for your comments and suggestions about this utility.  Feedback will be used to influence future versions of the BMC Health Advisor as well as potentially drive this functionality into supported solutions.


    To download BMC Remedy Health Advisor please click on the "Download BMC Remedy Health Advisor" link below.


    You will be asked to agree with two agreements on the "BMC Program Download Agreement" page before proceeding. Please read them carefully and click on both "Yes, I agree" checkboxes and then "Accept".  If you do not wish to proceed after reading the agreements, please click on the "Decline" button.


    Download BMC Remedy Health Advisor