End of Life Announcement - Track-It! on Oracle

Version 4

    This announcment went out a few months ago via email to all Track-It! customers known to be running Track-It! on the Oracle platform and I would like to post it here just to give it more visibility. The original annoucement also went out prior to the BMC acquisition of Numara and the Remedyforce upgrade option was not available then.


    End of Life / Support Announcement: BMC Track-It! Oracle Database Option


    Dear Valued BMC Track-It! Customer,


    We wish to inform you, effective January 31, 2014, BMC Software will end of life (EOL) the BMC Track-It! Oracle Database Option.  If you are currently leveraging the BMC Track-It! Oracle Database Option, we want to ensure you have the information you need to make informed decisions that support your future help desk needs.


    If you are a customer under a BMC current maintenance contract, BMC Technical Support will provide you continued support through January 31, 2014. 


    During this time, you can:


    • Continue use of BMC Track-It! on Oracle and receive support through January 31, 2014
    • Plan your transition to:
      • BMC Track-It! on a SQL Database
      • BMC FootPrints on Oracle
      • BMC Remedyforce in the cloud


    For more information on moving your Track-It! installation from Oracle to SQL, please contact Track-It! Technical Support.


    For more information on transitioning to FootPrints or Remedyforce, please contact your sales representative.



    Cris Coffey

    Senior Product Manager

    BMC Software


    The web page from the email that was distributed is here.