AR System .NET and COM API 7.1

    This API provides easy integration to AR Server from the Windows platform—for both .NET and COM clients such as MS Office or ASP web apps. To install, simply download & extract the file and follow the readme.txt instructions.

    Current Version:
    -  added a missing DLL file in the distribution.

    Previous drops:
    -  fixed a defect that caused overflow or underflow error when BMC.ARSystem.Server.GetListLicense call is is performed.
    -  readme is cleaned up.

    -  fixed a defect that caused NullPointerException when "new PackingList()" is performed.
    -  added "Items" property in PackingList class that allows for easy enumeration of the items in a packing list object.
    -  up to date code clean up so hopefully few other defects are fixed now.

    - fixed ServerInfomation class for dealing with AR Servers of version 6.0 and 7.0;
    - fixed a defect pertaining to a Null Object Reference exception that was caused simply by doing a "new PackingList()"
    - fixed a defect related to using FieldLabelChanger against VendorForms and ViewForms.

    - fixed AlertReceiver implementation (Thanks to Jan Hartung who reported the defect and suggested working implementation);
    - "AdminToolObjectOpener" utility class - this class allows one to programmatically "send" a request to an already running BMC Remedy Administrator Tool to open a specific workflow object.
    - "arformcodegen" utility program - helps generate C# class representing a given AR form, using which Entry operations (such as CreateEntry/DeleteEntry/SetEntry/GetEntry/Query) can be performed in much easier and type-safe manner w.r. to the said form.
    7.1.2807.12353 - fixed SetEntryByQuery to work correctly when multiple entries match; DeleteAlert API method now available.
    7.1 RTM  - 7.1.2804.21570



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