James Turnbull

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    Update: James just recently authored a guest post on our blog. It is available May 29th, 2013 here.


    James Turnbull's podcast with Tom is available here. My excerpts from James' podcast, transcribed and hand chosen, are as follows:


    1. DevOps Happy   

    2. Cultural Mismatches and Business Awesome   

    3. Tooling Will Be Service-Centric Not Host-Centric  

    4. DevOps Gets Focus On The Customer  

    5. Talk Business (And Security) Early  

    6. Risk, Open Source and DevOps 

    7. Change Management and Compliance 

    8. How do you broaden adoption in the corporation? 

    9. Where's DevOps going in the future? 


    As part our continuing DevOps Leadership Series, today's conversation is with James Turnbull, Vice President of Technology Operations for the open source start-up Puppet Labs. Australian-born, James has been Living in Portland and been involved in IT and the open source community since the early 1990s.


    In addition to providing his perspectives on the history and evolving culture of DevOps in IT, James comments on the factors that impact open-source solutions on DevOps. Configuration management is a key factor in DevOps, according to James. One way to work is to use the same tools for developing the infrastructure as are used to build the business applications. Then you can test both together so that when you get to deployment they are already integrated.



    A brief James Bio:


    James Turnbull (@kartar) is a prolific writer, having published at least 5 technical books, all of which are key works in their field (I own two of them and they're great). James speaks regularly at conferences including OSCONLinux.conf.auFOSDEMOpenSourceBridgeDevOpsDays and a number of others. He is a past president of Linux Australia. He's an accomplished IT Jedi master, well-known Puppet master and a valued contributor to the DevOps community.


    Pulling liberally from the "About" page at kartar.net -- a blog you might familiarize yourself with, if you don't already know about it -- is the following for James:


    http://m3.licdn.com/mpr/mpr/shrink_100_100/p/3/000/0fa/333/098907b.jpg'James Turnbull is a mid-thirty-something guy who lives in Portland, Oregon. Originally from Melbourne, Australia via Sydney and a few other places, he is the VP Tech Operations for Puppet Labs – and has published five technical books. His interests include cooking, wine, political theory, photojournalism, philosophy, poetry. He enjoys good conversation, laughter, reading, music, and cats. Things that piss him off are jingoism, bad grammar, violence and cucumber.'



    NB: As with previous leader interviews, I went through the transcript of the podcast Tom had with James and extracted excerpts to create highlights from the podcast. In some cases, I used brackets [like so] to fill in a word or two or to hopefully clarify a referent or turn of phrase. The length of all podcasts in the series are set by how much content is discussed based on the agreed list of questions and not by any preset determination as to duration.