Deploy Oracle 11g R2 for Windows

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    How to Deploy Oracle for Windows

    This is a VERY brief instruction on how to deploy Oracle for Windows to a bare Windows 2008 server.

    • Download and the attached file
    • Copy the database directory from the Oracle DVD to a directory on a server.
    • Modify db_install.rsp to your liking.
    • Copy db_install.rsp to the database/response directory overwriting the existing one.
    • Copy Install_Oracle.bat to the database directory.
    • Create a Custom Software containing the database directory and Install_Oracle.bat as install command.
    • Deploy and be happy ever after.

    An export of a Custom Software is included in this ZIP file.

    NOTE: The supplied db_install.rsp file that is supplied by Oracle has syntax errors. Please see the thread here for the values that need to be modified. I have attached a working one for reference.

    Oracle 11g R2 Client - Windows 32/64-bit Client

    Using the example above you can create a Client install as well by performing the following;

    1. Download the Oracle 11g R2 Client


    2. Extract the zip file
    3. Modify the client_install.rsp file located in the Client\response folder with parameters that fit your environment. Example file attached.
    4. Modify the Install_Oracle.bat and point the responseFile to the path of the client_install.rsp file
    i.e. "%EXECPATH%setup.exe" -waitforcompletion -nowait -silent -responseFile "%EXECPATH%response\client_install.rsp"
    5. Create a Custom Software containing the client directory and Install_Oracle.bat as install command: