iCommand (beta) - Command Line Interface into AO

Version 4
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    Ever had the need (or desire) to launch AO workflows via command-line? As you know, AO does not currently come with any kind of utility to do that, but coming from a predominantly Linux background, I've been wanting this capability for quite a while now. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and other priorities, I never managed to realize that idea, until a couple of weeks ago when I once again stumbled on a situation in which I thought to myself "Hmmm, if only I could traverse/execute the modules and workflows on the GRID".


    And so, I finally decided to go ahead and bite the bullet in trying to come up with a proof-of-concept perl script allowing me to do just that. It is by no means perfect yet, but the potential so far has gotten me pretty excited. Now, after several revisions and beta-testing rounds (Thanks Gordon and Jake!) I wanted to make it available to the AO community in the hopes it may be beneficial/useful to you guys as well.


    Before anyone decides to download it though, please know and accept the fact that this software is BETA, "AS-IS" and comes with NO WARRANTIES expressed or implied. It has been offered in good faith and any consequential damage due to its use is the sole responsibility of the user. It is also not supported by BMC Software and support by me will only be provided on a best-effort basis.


    With that said, I hope you guys find it useful and any feedback, positive or negative, is welcomed.


    The attached zip file (iCommand-v108.zip) contains the actual Perl script, as well as a PAR Packaged Windows Executable. (The first time you run the PAR Packaged Perl script, it will extract PAR runtime files into your temporary folder which may be a bit slow upon the first invocation. Consecutive runs will be faster).