Index of Field-Created BSA Content

Version 12

    The purpose of this document is to provide an evolving index of the BSA content created by the field.  Users are encouraged to direct any questions on specific content to their respective authors of in the Discussions.




    • Posted: Has not been reviewed.  Comes "as is" with no warranties.
    • Tested: A field consultant (BMC pre or post-sales, Partner or Customer) other than the author has successfully reused the posted content in a customer engagement.  Note that anyone having done so is encouraged to mark the item as "Field Approved" in the table below. 
    • Certified: Has been formally evaluated by BMC and meets or exceeds minimum quality requirements.
    • Productized: The ultimate goal.  Contributed material has made it part of the product offering and is now GA.  Note that for any content certified as "productized", it is highly recommended to retrieve the latest GA version on EPD.



    Application or Use CaseDescription & NotesPrimary AuthorLinksCertification Level

    Deploy Control-M

    Custom SoftwareAkbar AzizInstructionsPosted
    Deploy Apache for Windows and LinuxBLPackageAkbar Aziz



    Deploy Adobe Acrobat ReaderCustom Software
    Deploy .Net FrameworkCustom SoftwareAkbar AzizInstructionsPosted
    Disabling IP-V6 using the RegistryBLPackageAkbar AzizInstructionsPosted
    Compare two directoriesComponent Template
    Add and Remove Registry KeyBLPackageTon MachielsenInstructions


    Add and Remove Windows UserBLPackageTon MachielsenInstructionsPosted
    BSA 8.2 Contributed ContentZIP



    Deploy Patrol and Patrol AgentsBLPackageSean BerryInstructionsPosted
    Deploy MS SharePoint 2010BLPackage
    Deploy Oracle 11g R2 for WindowsCustom Software
    Enable/Disable UAC in Windows 2008BLPackageSean BerryInstructionsPosted
    Deploy SQL Server 2008Custom SoftwareTon MachielsenInstructionsPosted
    Deploy IISBLPackageTon MachielsenInstructionsPosted
    Using BSA to provision and manage JBoss instances ScriptingScott DunbarInstructionsPosted
    Using BSA to provision and manage Tomcat & Apache instancesScriptingScott DunbarInstructionsPosted
    Using BSA to execute BMA via CLIScriptingScott DunbarInstructionsPosted
    Using BSA to provision Weblogic ready for BAAScriptingScott DunbarInstructionsPosted
    A sample dante SOCKS configNon-BSA contentScott DunbarInstructionsPosted



    Participants who post BSA content to this community are encouraged to update this index.