Add and Remove registry key

Version 5

    To add or remove a Windows registry key, do the following:

    1. Live Browse ANY Windows server.
    2. Open the Registry node.
    3. Find ANY registry key. It's most handy to pick a registry key that looks very similar to the one you want to add or remove.
    4. Right-Click the registry key and choose "Add to depot as BLPackage".



    5. Your BLPackage will look like this:
    Click on the image to see the full-size image

    You can now change the path or any of the fields of the registry key to your needs and deploy the changed registry key to any Windows server.

    To create a BLPackage to remove a registry key, the only thing you need to to is change the Add action to a Delete action.

    Your BLPackage will then look like this:


    That's all there is to managing Registry Keys in BSA.