Mobile Device Management and Remedyforce

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    Just got back from BMC's Durham Bull's event and I'm really glad I went.  I knew it would be good when I got off the elevator in the uber cool basement of the American Tobacco Building.  Walking past rows of rented glass front cubes incubating the next generation of high tech, I overheard one attendee comment, "you can almost feel all the code being written down here."  We were literally on the ground floor of something special, the perfect place to learn about trending cloud based IT management solutions.  My company doesn't have an MDM solution yet and like everyone else we need one, so today's demos and q&a sessions were helpful in validating that BMC's solutions fit the bill for us.  Some vendors only focus on one mobile management category, and getting a clear understanding of RemedyForce and the scalable, secure Mobile Device Management for either BYOD or enterprise owned devices really answered all of our challenges.  Thanks to Paul Fernandez for his RemedyForce demo, enabling our customers to help themselves substantially cuts down on troubleshooting time and saves us money.  Clever idea to have peanuts and Crackerjacks on hand, no surprise with all those IT guys in the room there weren't too many snacks or Pepsi left by the end.  Great anecdote about the NFL's use of MDM to protect their playbooks -- used to be the players would get hard copies of the playbooks so if they were cut from the team, they'd make a copy and take it with them to a competing team. The NFL got wise though and now uses iPads with a customizeable enterprise wipe so before a player gets cut, he loses access to the playbook on his iPad.  Bet those guys check their iPads or smartphones first thing in the morning every day of training camp! The product information was great, helpful in depth demo from Nathan and then we were all looking forward to the Bulls game at the DBAP and hoping for no rain delay. The weather held, the Bulls didn't quite get it done, but I got a few more of my questions answered during the game -- all in all it was an excellent way to spend a Tuesday!