Inventory Troubleshooting

Version 1
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    Please feel free to update this document as you see fit.


    When the inventory information (scans) is not showing up in reports to the following:

    1. Make sure the Inventory Service plugin is configured and enabled. (At the  correct Inventory Service URL;  The system does allow  multiple Inventory Service channels/plugins)
    2. Check the Inventory Service plugin logs
    3. Check the Inventory Service plugin stage/cache directories. If the plugin gets behind inserting/updating the scan data it will write the endpoint scans into individual files for later insertion. Same method happens if the plugin fails to insert/update the database (db could be down, scan data is corrupt or contains information that causes a contraint exception). 
    4. Make sure other endpoints are successfully inserting/updating
    5. Check for the invtree file being created on the endpoint.
    6. Look through the invtree file on the endpoint to make sure the data being capture is being written out properly. (use same procedure to look for possible missing data)
    7. Check the Inventory Service channel on the endpoint (make sure it's URL matches the URL in #1)
    8. Make sure the endpoint can communicate to the transmitter via the endpoint's tuner (proxies, firewalls/rules and Anti-Virus changes have been known to cause issues; isolate and reconfigure)
    9. Manually start the Inventory Service channel on the endpoint. The channel should start, update and run scan.
    10. Check the Inventory Service channel logs on the endpoint; should see "scan successfully sent"