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    Gene Kim is probably the busiest guy I know. He's only the second person I've ever met who has a person dedicated to scheduling his time. That said, despite a monster schedule doing conference keynotes and presentations, Gene's prolific and there are some great resources on-line that come up in his podcast below.


    His latest novel is called "The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win" and it's by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr and George Spafford. Gene et al have managed to compress the story arc of IT disaster into novel form (a la Goldratt's The Goal) and it's a must-read: if you're in IT, even if you haven't lived the examples, you will find it familiar, and if you're not in IT, you need to read this because you do not understand what's going on in IT and you need to learn about IT. We hosted an exclusive webinar where the now best-selling novel did its worldwide launch on January 15, 2013. You can order the book here.


    The DevOps Cookbook Project "aims to catalog and codify the practices of high performing DevOps organizations that result in extraordinary performance.  Our goal is to create a prescriptive playbook that organizations can follow to replicate the extraordinary culture and outcomes enabling IT Operations can operate at scale and win in the marketplace." To learn more about “The DevOps Cookbook” that Gene Kim is co-authoring with a who's

    who list in the DevOps cogniscenti click here.


    Gene refers to the fantastic Convergence of DevOps blog post by John Willis, an amazing mind and one of the key DevOps first movers, that describes the origins and converging forces behind DevOps.



    Gene also refers to the ZDNet article with Michael Krigsman that Gene did, with the $3 trillion of IT value calculation of estimated savings that's within our grasp, from adopting high performance DevOps patterns. 


    A short Gene bio:

    Since 1999, Gene Kim has been studying and benchmarking high performing IT operations and information security organizations.


    For 13 years, he was the CTO and founder of Tripwire, a security software company that commercialized the open source software he wrote in 1992.  While at Tripwire, he also co-authored the “Visible Ops Handbook,” which has become widely recognized as the “good to great book for IT,” which has sold over 200K copies to date.


    In 2007, ComputerWorld added Gene to the “40 Innovative IT People Under The Age Of 40” list.  He has helped define IT compliance standards, including SOX-404 and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

    Gene Kim's DevOps Leadership podcast is available here.


    Excerpts from Gene's podcast, transcribed and then hand-picked by me, are available as follows.


    1: The Convergence of DevOps 

    2: DevOps Is for All of IT 

    3: DevOps May Be $3T Dollar Value 

    4: What High Performance IT Ops Looks Like

    5: DevOps Cookbook Ex. Pattern #1: Deploy in Sprint

    6: DevOps Cookbook Ex. Pattern #2: Dev in Ops 

    7: DevOps Cookbook Ex. Pattern #3: Ops in Dev 

    8: DevOps Is This Inexorable, Inevitable Thing 



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