ADDM Community Enablement Tutorials

Version 1

    Here's a list of CETs (Community Enablement Tutorials) and CET Courses for Atrium Discovery.  For a definitive list of ADDM tutorials and courses please view the ADDM CET home page.


    A List of ADDM CET modules:


    CET NameVersionVideo?
    Analysis UI - Host Grouping8.0yes
    Analysis UI - Reporting8.0yes
    Appliance Baseline8.3no
    Atrium Discovery Installation Pre-Reqs8.2yes
    Atrium Discovery Overview8.3yes
    Atrium Discovery VA Installation8.2yes
    Basic Query Language8.3no
    CMDB Sync I8.3yes
    CMDB Sync II8.3yes
    Configuring Windows Discovery8.3yes
    Database Credentials8.2yes
    Discovery Credentials I8.3yes
    Discovery Credentials II8.3yes
    Discovery Monitoring8.3no
    Discovery Process Overview8.2yes
    Discovery Quick Start Guide8.3yes
    Discovery Scripts8.3yes
    Discovery Troubleshooting I8.2yes
    Discovery Troubleshooting II8.2yes
    Edge Connectivity Discovery8.3no
    ESX - ESXi Discovery8.3no
    Intro to Patterns8.3yes
    Mainframe Discovery I8.3yes
    Mainframe Discovery II8.3yes
    Mastering CAM Basics I8.3yes
    Mastering CAM Basics II8.3yes
    Mastering CAM Basics III8.3yes
    Mastering CAM Basics IV8.3yes
    Middleware Discovery8.2yes
    Network Device Discovery8.3yes
    Power Systems Discovery8.3no
    Query Builder8.3yes
    Security Management8.3no
    Support and Info8.3no
    Taxonomy and Model8.3yes
    Using the CLI8.3no


    A List of ADDM CET Courses:

    These are themed collections of modules which will give you a head start on given topics.