The difference between Snapshot job and Audit job

Version 1


    • Functionality: Takes snapshot of thetarget, and compares it to the last snapshot taken
    • Use case: Yesterday I hasconfiguration A and at the end of day someone changed it to configuration B.When I’ll take the snapshot today, I will see a change tracking data which willtell me what was changed in the server from yesterday to today.
    • Usage: compares a specific serverconfiguration. Let’s say server 1 has configuration A1 and Server 2 hasconfiguration B1. The snapshot job will compare server1 with configuration A1to any change in it and Server2 to itself. If I want that server 1 to have thesame configuration as server 2 (and see if server 1 configuration deviates fromthe one of server 2), Snapshot job is not the tool to use for that.
    • Comparisontime frame:Change tracking data is always between current snapshot and last snapshot(compares today’s snapshot to yesterday’s snapshot).
    • Option to fixdifference:
    • Drawback: any change in the snapshotjob (even the description) will create a new baseline and the comparison willstart from that point. For example, if server 1 has configuration A and at theend of day, the configuration was changed to Configuration B and thedescription of Snapshot job was changed, I will not be able to see thedifference between configuration A and configuration B.
    • When to useit: If thetargets have different configuration (one from the other).


    • Functionality: compares all the targets toa golden master. The golden master can be a snapshot (static) or live serverobject/component (dynamic)
    • Use case: Yesterday I hasconfiguration A and at the end of day someone changed it to configuration B.When I’ll do the audit today, I will see a comparison of configuration B againstthe golden master (and not configuration A).
    • Usage: compares all the serversconfigurations against single configuration. Let’s say server 1 hasconfiguration A1 and Server 2 has configuration B1. The snapshot job willcompare server1 with master configuration and server 2 to master configuration.
    • Comparisontime frame:No time frame, all the comparisons are against the master. If the
    • When to useit: If allthe targets have identical configuration (same as golden master).