Repeater health status from ISM Tables - SQL Server

Version 1
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    The following SQL query would return the Repeater health status from hmv_tx_summary ISM table for all the repeaters in your BBCA Infrastructure.


    select mac_host as 'Server Name',

    'Repeater' as 'Type',

    mac_ipaddress as 'IP Address',

    network_ip as 'Site',

    round(100*(vm_heap_total-vm_heap_available)/vm_heap_total,2) as 'Memory Usage',

    Stats_last_changed as 'Last Reporting Date',

    round(100*(total_diskspace-available_diskspace)/total_diskspace,2) as 'Disk Usage',

    overall_last_replication as 'Last Replication Success',

    overall_last_replication_time as 'Last Replication Time' ,

    metrix_requests_per_minute as 'Requests Per Minute'
    from hmv_tx_summary where type_id ='3'


    Note: Please confirm that the user account running the query has select permissions on hmv_tx_summary table of INVDB as by default the access would be restricted to hmuser and hmadmin accounts.